The origins

    The North Pole brand, which is owned by the Maglificio Amita of Florence, was founded in 1986 thanks to the enthusiasm of a family of entrepreneurs with solid experience in the fashion world.

    People who have come together and united by the common dream of sensing the taste to which the market is directed and thus creating a brand which is strongly characterized by style, hence creating a product intended for an up-to-date buyer with a strong sense of fashion.

    The powerful and unmistakable figure of the white bear has been chosen as the brand logo and in a very short time, this image has become synonymous with the North Pole.

    North pole today

    After having consolidated the presence of the brand in Italy, with over 400 customers, the mission is now to bring North Pole to all foreign markets in the ongoing search for a trendy product with a typically Italian taste: a product with an up-to-date sensibility of aesthetics, careful research of fine yarns, possibly Italian, and manufactured with craftsmanship in new colors that evoke emotions.

    For the softness and warmth of the winter collection, we use cashmere blends, lambswool and merino wool, while for the summer collection we offer the best combed cotton, available in various jersey and piquet fabrics.

    North Pole is for the sporty, elegant and contemporary man, a target which simultaneously satisfies the most youthful spirits and those of all ages.